Welcome to my world.

I know in my heart that I am going to be a pilot. It is what I truly want and dream about, and basically everything I have been working towards since I decided it was the right career choice for me over five years ago. But finishing high school and moving on to a world of precise calculations and efficient evaluations forever made me sad to leave behind an unexpected newfound passion; writing.

I love the way writing draws all the mismatched thoughts in my mind together. I love how writing allows me to play with an idea and watching it come to fruition. I love how it allows me to organise myself and articulate topics that I’d otherwise fumble over.

Moments after passing my first solo flight at Archerfield Airport
Moments after passing my first solo flight at Archerfield Airport.

I am a nineteen year old student pilot currently completing a full time flight training program at Archerfield. Last month I scraped myself over the line and passed my Private Pilot’s Licence flight test. I’m arguably almost halfway there to achieving my Commercial Pilot’s Licence and working my way into that dream airline job.

I also have a Bachelor of Aviation from Griffith University, that I graduated from at the beginning of this year. Before I started the degree, I really knew no-one and nothing about what it means to be in aviation. But I threw myself into it headfirst and, like a VFR pilot inadvertently entering into IMC, made everything up along the way and hoped for the best.

In the three years since high school, I seem to have tried everything in my power to ensure that I had no possible spare time. For now, I will just provide an overview as I’m sure I’ll detail parts of everything through-out this blog eventually. I have been a student leader of our MATES program, been a student ambassador, worked part time, volunteered as a Surf Life Saver, been a Medal Bearer for the Commonwealth Games, completed a six month work experience placement with QantasLink, been a director of student lead water safety awareness project called Float in the Philippines, and largely organised and developed from scratch a Singapore Air Show student development trip, an Industry Mentoring Program and a Flight Camp for high school students within my involvement with the university.

Myself and other student pilots at the Singapore Airshow 2018
Myself and other student pilots at the Singapore Airshow 2018

The biggest thing I have discovered so far from my small time in the aviation world since high-school is that there is something to learn from literally everything. And building on from that, there is something you can bring yourself to each experience you have, even if you don’t know what that is at the beginning. These experiences have helped me to understand this and to become someone who constantly seeks opportunity; prioritising the importance of continual growth and development.

Moving forward, I’m starting this blog to continue to grow myself. I’m hoping that it will be a tool I can use to organise my thoughts and tell the story of my future experiences, specifically from my perspective as a female in aviation. I want a resource to share these future experiences with the world. A place that I can openly laugh at my many inevitable mistakes and mishaps and bond over similar events with other members of the community.

A picture to put a face to the name.

I want to use this blog to connect with current and future aviators alike, as well as any other people that may have the time to spare to engage with my story and I. I intend to share my story for as long as I can, through my life at flight training to my extra-curricular activities and hopefully all the way through to airline recruitment, airline training courses and an eventual airline career.

If this peaks your interest ensure seals belts are fastened, your tray tables are upright and you’ve hit the follow button down to your bottom right because we’re cleared for take-off. Destination: TBC.

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