What to watch on this blog in 2019.

Other than the excitement of flying, here’s what else is going to be on this blog over the next year.


When I started this blog in October, I wasn’t too sure exactly what direction I was going to take it. The wide world of WordPress has exposed me to different techniques in blogging, formatting, coding and customisation that I’m spending the days off before the cadetship trying to understand. Key word here is ‘trying’. This research has given me a million and one ideas for my blog and I’m excited to post where I hope 2019 is going to take it.

I’m launching a new series on the blog called “Awesome Humans”. In my time in the aviation industry so far I have met a lot of genuinely inspirational people who I have been able to turn to for advice and who I look up to. I want to use this series to write about their stories and show the rest of the world what makes them so awesome.

Also, through attending Griffith University, the experiences I had and the events that I attended, I learnt a lot about networking that I definitely didn’t know before. The leadership role I held literally required me to organise influential industry speakers to come in and present to the aviation cohort. A lot of my own professional experiences so far have come from my interactions at networking events, through LinkedIn and through the all-important follow up. I’m hoping to discuss some of what worked and what didn’t work on this forum.

australian aviation logo rsz

Most excitingly, I am getting a monthly column in Australian Aviation! The column, which will also be highlighted through the blog, will provide a behind the scenes insight into the cadetship that I’m starting with Virgin Australia in a couple of weeks. They have given me approval to talk about the high’s and the low’s (to an extent), the day to day, the support provided through training with an airline and all the other stuff everyone wants to know.

In 2018, I had a total of three articles published in the magazine, which was one of my most notable achievements for the year. They were all published under the section “Cleared Take-off”. I haven’t figured out what my new section is going to be called yet, so if anyone has any ideas, please drop them below!

If any of this interests you, then stay tuned and make sure you’ve signed up to emails! Also, if you have any suggestions for any of the topics that I’m focusing on, feel free to make them!

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