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I am a 20 year old aspiring commercial pilot with a passion for aviation. As of January 2019, I am a full time airline cadet and part time blogger/adventurer. I spend a lot of time outside, exploring everything from beaches to the new cafe. My blog shares these aspect of my life with a focus on just how cool it is to fly a plane.

A piper archer in the early morning at Archefield Airport
My favourite Piper Archer on a beautiful morning.

I found aviation through unconventional methods when I was 15 years old. I had no family or connections to the industry and I really knew nothing about it.

To this day, my knowledge of aviation is still relatively surface level when compared to those who’ve been in the industry for decades. Despite this, since graduating high school in 2015, I have put my head down and worked hard to overcome my inexperience and form connections in the industry that’s all about who you know.

So far, I have:

  • Been offered a cadetship with Virgin Australia from January 2019.
  • Completed a Bachelor of Aviation at Griffith University, during which I was Deputy Chief Student Pilot, Portfolio Director of Industry Connect and a flight leader.
  • Obtained a Private Pilots Licence from a previously enrolled graduate flight training course at Basair Aviation College, Archerfield.
  • Project initiated and led the inaugral Griffith University Flight Camp for high school students, which went fantastically.
  • Organised a university funded trip to the Singapore Air Show 2018 for 10 students.
  • Started up a student run Industry Mentoring Program to pair students with mentors that are currently living out the student’s end career goals.
  • Began contributing to Australian Aviation magazine.
  • Completed a seven month work experience program with QantasLink in 2017/2018.
  • Obtained a three day work experience placement with Virgin Australia in 2017.
  • Attended multiple Women in Aviation networking events.

These experiences have added together slowly to mould me into the aviation professional I am becoming today and hoping to showcase through this blog.

Griffith University Flight Camp 2018 at Archerfield Airport.
A snapshot of all the students, mentors and project leaders of the flight camp.

Most of my posts are light-hearted and intended to show the fun of flight training but I have touched on subjects that mean something to me. From that, many members of the aviation industry have been quick to say that I have no right to commentate; that I am incredibly privileged to even be offered a cadetship and that I need to focus on earning my place in the industry. I 100% respect the opportunity that I have been offered and that earning my place in the industry is exactly what I’m trying to achieve by this blog.

There is a community within aviation that seems to believe only certain people may have a voice and that only the experienced professional pilots deserve to be listened to. I aspire to become an experienced aviation professional and have nothing but respect for every pilot.

But I also think the path to becoming one needs to be humanised to show how achievable it is. I believe I’m in a unique position to show the next generation how cool aviation is. I can use my blog and platforms to share the excitement that I feel every time I take off and the adrenaline that pumps every time I comes in for a landing.

Fly-away planning.
Planning a fly away with my friend and old housemate, James, with chocolate and excitement.

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